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Metal Shop 80s Hair Metal Radio Station
Metal Shop 80s Hair Metal Radio Spotify Playlist
After 15 years, the official radio stream ceased operation in 2019, but you can still listen to most of the kick ass 80’s metal and hard rock featured on METAL SHOP via Spotify. Click the link above, then click the big green play button to shuffle nearly 1,000 tracks from Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Dio, Metallica, Mötley Crüe, Ozzy, Ratt, Scorpions and more. We hope you agree that ‘We Rock!’
METAL SHOP Radio Station

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  • You could host your radio stations on torontocast. They are a fully licensed, and hosting is 12 dollars a month or less.

    • Hey Mark. Yes, I looked at that. Unfortunately, setting up the station from scratch on another platform would have been very time consuming. Sorry about that. The radio stream has ceased operation, but you can still listen to most of the kick ass 80’s metal and hard rock featured on METAL SHOP via Spotify. Check out the home page for the link. Thanks and Happy New Year!

  • Where did the player go?

    I’m located in the US and there’s no way to play the station any more…

    • METAL SHOP and HAIR BAND RADIO signed off Summer 2019. Thanks for listening.

      • You said it would still be available for those of us in the US…

        • Hey Malice. Yes, back in June. Unfortunately, that changed soon after. Sorry about that. The radio stream has ceased operation, but you can still listen to most of the kick ass 80’s metal and hard rock featured on METAL SHOP via Spotify. Check out the home page for the link. Thanks and Happy New Year!

  • Glad to see both amazing stations will be sticking around. Definitely made my day seeing that.

  • So incredibly sorry to read this. While I am one of the lucky ones who still gets to hear you, I feel bad for the other faithful who will not. Your station is amazing

  • Brad again just re-read the message and i guess we are ALL going to miss out on the best station.So sad,

  • Wow just read the news.Feel bad for the rest of the world that won’t be able to get this outstanding and relevant station for all us 80’s metal and hard rock fans but thankful we in North America will be still able to rock out all day everyday !!!!

  • Hello from Greece! thanks for the awesome music that u choose for ur audience all over the world ! i would love to hear Visigoth if u can please , they rock!

    • Thanks for listening Stavroula! I am not familiar with Visigoth. Looks like their first album came out in 2012. FYI – METAL SHOP only plays 80’s metal.

  • Hey Rich,

    Still loving the station and have been listening for years now. It’s definitely what gets me thru most days whether at work or home. I heard Hammerhead by Flotsam and Jetsam earlier. Would love to hear more from them, maybe off When The Storm Comes Down, Cuatro, Drift, or even the new one. I saw them with Hammerfall last year and got to meet both bands. Definitely awesome dudes. Definitely give Hammerfall a listen as well if you haven’t yet. One of my favorite bands. While not around until the mid-90s, they do have an 80s sound to them.

    Will always be here listening!
    Thank you for all you do!

    –Tony Fisher,
    Bellevue, Ohio

  • Hey rich rock I wake this morning listening metal shop kick ass metal tanks

  • thanks for playing some awesome tunes. would love to hear: beyond the realm of death – Judas Priest, children of the damned – Iron Maiden

    • Hello Michael, Thanks for listening to METAL SHOP! I’m glad you like the station. Both songs you requested are always in the mix… hope you catch them.

  • hey rich, i see you`ve discovered an old local band here ( mtl ) sword. keep it up ! 😉

  • The greatest online metal station of all time !!!!!!!!🤘🤘🤘☠☠☠☠🖤🖤

  • I am still listening metal shop thanks rich rock keep going playing the best metal

  • Love the station. Good signal and broad selection. How about playing a Sword song from the Metalized album. F.T.W. would be a goog choice. If you have Kick Axe you gotta have Sword (not to be confused with the current band called “The Sword”)

    • Hello Robert, Sorry for the delay. Thanks for listening to METAL SHOP! I am glad you like the station. You know Sword was in rotation at one time. I’m not sure what happened, but they are back in now… “F.T.W.,” “Stoned Again” and “Trouble Is”… hope you catch them. Send a song request anytime.

  • Working nights as a police officer in Australia listening to this great music I grew up on. Fantastic. Have been a fan for years and always bring backs great memories . Thanks

  • Hey rich rock tanks for playing 80s metal I’m listening from Dallas tx tanks

  • Awesome station….Horns up

  • These best metal songs

  • Hey, Just listening to a live version of Triumph’s Fight the Good Fight. I’ve loved them for 40 years (yes I’m old). Absolutely made my day. Saw them twice and Stages was the first cassette I bought for my Sony Walkman. Love your station and reccomend it to everyone.

    • Hello Lynn! I’m old right there with you 🙂 I saw Triumph first on the “Thunder 7” tour. They got a lot or radio airplay back in the day and filled arenas like many of the other successful bands. Thanks for listening to METAL SHOP! I’m thrilled you like the station.

  • Love it. Listen daily. Would love to hear some new interviews added, as well as more Queensryche, Tesla, and Whitesnake, as well as others. Keep expanding the playlist, and keep rockin. Love this station!

  • It’s alive and well thank God for Metal Shop! 42yr old wrestler who is a total metal head , time to show this next generation who we are !!!!!!

  • My favorite web radio station, keep up the good work.

  • thanks God Metal Shop is still here

  • Hi Rich, I am a frequent listener, and starting a couple days ago I have been getting a prompt for a password. The prompt states that Radionomy requires a password. Is this something new? I am able to get past it by reloading the page, or sometimes cancelling and restarting. I like your site, and have been listening for years. It is a bit of home that I can take with me when I travel out of the country! Thank you, Matt

    • Hi Matt, There was some maintenance to the server happening overnight. I can hear the station just fine with the password you wrote about. Are you still getting that message? Sorry for the inconvenience.

      • Hi Rich, Yes, I can still hear the station. It was odd that I was prompted for a password. Thanks for keeping the station going. Best regards, Matt

  • Been listening off and on since 04-05 when I found you on Live365 and still loving it Rich. I want to hear WASP The Headless Children if you please.

    • Thanks for listening to METAL SHOP Rick! Wow, and almost since the beginning… the station launched in 2003. ‘The Headless Children’ is always in the mix… I hope you catch it. Send a song request anytime. Happy Thanksgiving.

  • Loving the great music, makes the work day go so much smoother. Any chance I could hear ‘Iron Maiden – Total Eclipse’. Possibly the best ever B-side for those of us old enough to remember the original album didn’t have room for it !!

    • Hello L. Phillips, Thanks for listening to METAL SHOP! Yes, those old-fashioned records with not enough room (ha ha). ‘Total Eclipse’ is always in the mix… I hope you catch it. Send a song request anytime.

  • I like your radio station website its very nice love your music variety your doing a great job and have lot of the classics I enjoy listening too

  • I love the app. Listen to it all day and night, Thank you! And have you ever thought about a sound spot for bands on tour read off their tour dates? I don’t listen to local Detroit stations. Always good to hear Detroit dates for some bands I haven’t heard of or don’t remember from back in the day. Thanks again

    • Right on! Thanks for listening Jim. Since METAL SHOP is streaming to the world, we haven’t announced concert dates, but check the website, twitter and facebook for all the latest news, including concert dates for 80’s metal bands on tour this year.

  • Love what you do. Thanks for all the amazing memories and kick ass music!

  • Can u pls play some FUCKIN SLAYYEEERRRRR love this channel blast it all the time love the interviews the metal kicks ASS METAL SHOP FUCKIN ROCKS i wanna hear AOD Angel of death rock on ML&R

  • Awesome station!

  • Rich I really appreciate this radio station. I listen to this everyday. I don’t even listen to regular radio anymore. Keep up the great job you do and thanks for providing great metal music??

  • Thank God Metalshop back on in Canada.Was lost and bewildered without it

  • Is there a problem with the Metal Shop App. As of yesterday it started giving the message, Error Failed to retrieve audio stream. Tried reinstalling it and gots ame error

  • Holy $#|!. I Metal Church just tweeted about you and I had to look you up!! This was the best thing on the radio back in the day!! So glad to find this!!

  • Hey Rich Rock I just wanted to wish you guys a Happy new year and just to tell ya Still listening to your station and banging the noggin !! May ya have many more years of this great station of awesome music!! Keep Rockin Rich!!

  • All Hail Metal Shop Rocks!!! Always love the mix of great songs! Please make sure to market your station & site across the web! There are lots of free sources to reach headbangers and any 80s fan will love MSR. Good online radio stations have fallen away over the years because there are so many music options now so only aggressive sites who market themselves get remembered to be played. Here’s to another decade of great music and success for Metal Shop Rocks!!!!

  • ??Rock on Metal Shop??

  • Trying to figure out how to get an app put on my facebook to connect me from there Can anyone help me Love it! Glad I found you on the computer!

  • I actually have albums that were played at the radio stations during the Metal Shop days with all the interviews etc.

  • What a great jam ya’s got going on!! Love it and crank it the fuck up MetalMan!!Keep it going!!

  • Hey, my name’s Joe. I was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Honduras in 2009. The U.S. government eventually decided to close the program in Honduras due to the violence, but while I was there I met an amazing artist who creates original hand-made woodwork, all with a heavy metal theme.

    His name is Gabriel, but everybody knows him as Toto. He’s an incredibly solid guy (comes from a great family, has strong values, and INSANE talent) and I always wanted to try and help connect him to buyers in the U.S and around the world.

    I can provide a lot more context about the situation in Honduras and what everyday people need to overcome to survive, but I’ll save that for another time.Whenever you get the chance, check out his Facebook group where he is the mastermind (Toto’s the guy in the white T-shirt pointing in the upper left corner). If it all possible, I would love to help this awesome dude rise above the circumstances that he was born into and elevate him to the level that he works so hard to be at.



  • I absolutely love Metal Shop. I hope you and yours had a great holiday season. I’ve been listening for years and that’s not going to change anytime soon. Each song represents a different memory from back in the day. Turning 45 in March, I am so lucky to have grown up in an age with such great music. Actually feeling sorry for kids these days with what they have to grow up with. Always having Metal Shop or Hair Band Radio on with anything I’m doing at home, my wife got me one of the coolest and most useful gifts I think she’s ever come up with, this past Christmas. She got me a Bose bluetooth speaker so I can literally take Metal shop with me anywhere in the house or garage. Working in the garage, at my desk on the computer, or on the patio enjoying a cold one (or 10), you’re right there with me! Keep the great tunes (and fun memories) flowing!
    Your friend,
    Bellevue, Ohio

  • I honestly could not get through my days without Metal Shop!
    Thank you for putting out such a consistently fantastic set list and keeping us updated on all things metal.

  • Good call on “King of the Mountain” by KISS! Brings back some memories! Thanks, man!

  • Wingwee J. Malmsteen – “I’ll See the Light Tonight”? Haven’t heard that one in awhile. I’ll take a slice of that, thanks!

  • Hi there! Great work, we love your radio – all the best stuff!! \m/ Thanks for the head banging classics 😀 😀 😀 You should know you have fans here too :))))

  • Just turned it on to one of my favorite tunes: WASP’s Wild Child. Had to CRANK. IT. Take care and rock on!

  • I listen to your awesomeness at work at my desk. I’m a software engineer. I have to go to the restroom but you keep cranking the sweet tunes and I don’t want to miss them! 🙂

  • Thanks for the update….. Keep us Head Bangers awake and away from the Christmas music …

  • Is this the same Metal Shop I just found streaming on Tunes Radio? If so, I really liked it…for about 2 days until I realized you have maybe 25 CDs in your collection. Hey, I love Dio, Iron Maiden, Y&T, Judas Priest, and Motley Crue…but you know there’s a lot more to “80s Metal” than them, right?

    • Jason, the self-proclaimed radio critic. We heard about you. If you listened for 2 days straight, you should know the songs we play come from 147 different albums, not 25. Radio by design is for the masses and METAL SHOP plays music the majority of our listeners want to hear. Like it or not, Maiden, Priest, etc. ruled 80’s metal and they are well represented here. There are a million Internet stations available for you to listen to Jason… help yourself to them.

      • I’ve listening to Metal Shop for about a year now, all the fucking time.
        And I love it!
        But a tiny bit more variation wouldn’t harm. Just more songs from the same bands.
        Keep up the great work, fucking love Metal Shop!

  • Congrats on your own site! Been listening to MSR for a decade! Don’t forget to play your Testament, Warlock, Armored Saint, Metal Church, Exodus and the lesser known metal heroes of the 80s. If possible, play more LIVE stuff from the 80s concerts!

    • Thanks Robert! 10 years… you have been there since almost day one… really appreciate you listening. All the bands you noted are always in rotation and represented here. We have the live stuff recorded in the 80’s streaming as well.

      • Heck yeah! In the ancient days of yore, I found Live365 through my nigh-forgotten AOL account right after I switched from 56k to some weak early version of ADSL. Back then there were a couple metal/rock stations on Live365, but METAL SHOP stood out big time. There was a good Eurometal station that introduced me to bands from across the pond I never heard of, but that station didn’t last while yours keeps on ROCKING HARD! I’m throwing horns at you Rich Rock! Loving the clarity of sound from your site.

  • Just letting you know, i love Metal Shop! Dont change a thing, you are playing all the right stuff. Everything i used to listen to back then and even stuff i loved i kinda forgot about i havent heard in a while! Thanks for what you do!!! Scott

  • hey rich conrats on 11 great years hope for many more..the best 80’s metal online….keep rocking guy: ) oh yea play some megadeath,,

  • I like your station!

  • I’m 44 yrs old and have herd many many stations playlist before but this is by farrrr,,The greatest station I have ever listened to. ROCK ON

  • i like the show would you like tho play something of mercyful fate thanks

  • I like your station!

  • excelente musica.

  • Great tunes even better than the bone yard xm!!!!

  • Haven’t been on in a while,but on now! Still jamming away! Keep it up! This was the metal I grew up on! Thanks !

  • Cheers from Greece

  • I like your station!

  • I love strolling down memory lane with some great old jams. I start my morning off everyday with MetalShop and always seem to get something in my head for the day I cant seem to shake. A band I heard once I believe a long time ago was Flotsam and Jeatsam havent heard much more from them on your show so I was hoping to hear some Doomsday for the Deceiver songs a bit more. thanks in advance bro keep it rockin!!!

  • hey keep it rocking! found this site when i wanted to listen to music at work and listen everyday! ROCK ON! keep up the priest maiden&crue!

  • I like your station!

  • I am a 50 year old metal head and I thought I would never find programming like yours. You ROCK me brother- keep it up!


  • Hey, Rich Rock my friend and I simply love your radio Congrats man. I’d like to listen more W.A.S.P (Sleeping in the Fire) Rock on\

  • Hey man, I’m from Brazil and I’ve loved this radio.
    It’s the best, congrats.
    Rock on!

  • Hi Rich,
    Rock on, man! \m/ Thanks for such a kick-ass station. (And you’re a fellow Portlander!) There are always decent bands around, but nothing beats 80s metal. Soundtrack of my misspent youth, I guess. Just wondering if there is an online playlist available? I was listening yesterday afternoon (8/16) and a really cool Armored Saint song came on, but I was at work so couldn’t check my app. I’m pretty sure it was from Delirious Nomad, and after listening to some clips I wanna say it was “Aftermath”, but can’t say for sure. Any help?

    • Hello James,
      Thanks for listening to METAL SHOP! Yes, I’m in the Portland area… broadcasting almost 10 years now. I am glad you like the station. That was most likely ‘Aftermath’ you heard, although there are several tracks from that record currently in rotation (Long Before I Die, Nervous Man and Over the Edge).

  • something from Savatage man!!!

  • The singer from Stone Fury later joined the 80s Zep-clone Kingdom Come. How about some of the latter?


  • RAM IT DOWN – Judas Priest! please!! listening from Guatemala, C.A. This radio rocks! yeahh! lml


  • listening to your show from Cape Town, South africa. Thank you for making my morning man!!!!

  • Scorpions…..yes. Cheers. 🙂

  • Me gusta mucho escuchar su estación de radio gracias.
    Juan delgado López Chihuahua, México

  • Hey Bro. I’m loving your Radio!!!!!! \,,/

  • Got some METAL SHOP going this morning to get my blood flowin’! Thanks for a great station, Rich Rock!


  • I am a somewhat new listener, but I think your station is great. I’m 43 and still listening. I had a large collection of good 80’s Metal until I joined the United States Marine Corps. When I got back, it was all gone. Most of them were cassettes and not replaceable. So it is good to hear a station “You” that plays the music I love. I don’t know when it happened, but it got into my blood and I still listen everyday.

  • Great Metal Music!! Please play something from Krokus.Thanks. This is Joseph from the island of Malta in the heart of the Meditteranean sea.

  • The Metal God of Rhode Island says country + rap = crap

  • Outstanding please KEEP PLAYING IRON MAIDEN

  • You rock !

  • I like your station!

  • Hail \m/ Heavy Metal Brother \m/

    I discovered this radio today and I’ve been listening to your stream since 9.00 AM.

    You have created the Holy Grail of Metal radio stations.

    \m/ Horns up \m/
    \m/ Keep on Rockin \m/

  • This Is the most kick ass radio fuckin station, I’ve been jamming out to my 80s metal faves, thank you so much for putting this app on ! Hope you have a metal fuckin day ! PEACE……..

  • Your radio is the best I’ve ever heard.

  • I am a big fan of Metal Shop. Keep Rockin!!

  • great playlist Thaks a lot Rich!

  • Coffee, cigarrettes, and metal shop cranked to the max on a sunday morning. I love it

  • yinz rock! this is the kind of metal i grew up on Thanks


  • Hell yeah, Megadeth – Wake up Dead, and now Slayer – Seasons in the Abyss…. awesome plays! Thanx and rock on

  • How about some WARLOCK

  • rock away\m/

  • IRON Maiden – the best band on earth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Can be here all day long listening to your list of songs. Cheers buddy \m/

  • Ryan, Mark and Ben doing it hard in the Pilbara Desert Australia working nighshift loving the tunes

  • I have been listening for 5 years now, Best station for 80’s metal fans, I could listen to Priest, Maiden, Dio, and Sabbath all day long

  • The Greatest Radio Station Ever!!!!! I’m from Colombia and I have listened you about 8 years ago!! Ur My Fav One 😉


  • I dig this……just what I needed in life now-some heavy duty jammin’. Thanks Metal Shop. I have listen to yoy’s forever!!!

  • Best Ever Metal Radio \M/

  • Hi,you´re great DJ, you can program something of Judas Priest? Tks

  • from Colombia, Good Radio!

  • best rock station

  • Hi Rich! Wake up morning, Turn on the Metal Shop Radio and listen my favourite metal tracks …and my all day wil goooood. Thanks Rich! Thanks Metal Shop!

  • Wow! These are all the songs I grew up with. I want to hit “Like” on nearly every song. Thank you!!

    • I hear that… thanks for listening Maria!

      • Hi Rich – Thanks for the message and the friend request. You have a great FB site – I love keeping up on all my favorite bands! Do have any Blue Murder in your library? I’m a huge John Sykes fan. I would love to hear the song Blue Murder or Valley of the Kings, if you have it. Thanks again for the tunes! It makes my workday more enjoyable. Maria

  • hellyeah, love Accept

  • WoW ! Been listening to you for the past 4 years, best 80’s metal anywhere, thanks from the great white north !!!!

  • What a kick ass station……we have nothing like this in South Africa man and that is so wrong but luckily there is Metal shop who rocks me to my grave. The best dj’s with the best taste….rock on from South Africa………………Speeddemon.

  • Best 80’s metal on the net. Period.

  • hello from Hermosillo, son. Mexico.
    I’m working and listening metal songs from this great station.
    saludos amigos…


    REGARDS From Chile (Southamerica)

  • This Station Is Awesome!! Thank You Rich!!!

  • I’m 44 and love your station. One act I didn’t give much a chance in the 80’s was King Diamond. Thanks to your station, I have discovered how cool, melodic and kick ass they were.

  • Been with METAL SHOP for 7 years now….its the best 80’s and best station on live 365 period…support this station and live 365 to keep it on the air…keep Rocking Rich.

  • Love the station keep up the good work, any chance of some King Diamond?

  • This is the Best Metal station that I’ve ever heard! Keep the good work!

  • Hey it’s Luc from Hair Nation/Ozzy’s Boneyard. I just wanted to say I love you guys. Keep up the good work!

  • Your station is far better than Hair Nation on Sirrius XM

  • METAL SHOP – i like it… listening in Indonesia.

  • The titanium of METAL MUSIC! This hardest rockin’ chick in Iowa is your biggest fan. Thanks for the head bangin’ here at work!


  • i LOVE METAL SHOP, MUSIC i GREW WITH.. I’m sorry I can’t support you;. I’m not working and temporarily disabled but keep rocking. Long live Ronny James Dio!!!

  • You play great music, Thanks! Thrash Til Death…Gracfully Metal

  • whoever makes this happen are great. I am going to start donating to help keep this station going. Keep up the great work.

  • Excellent station. Rock on!

  • Hello Rich receives my greetings from Uruguay and we keep on listening to Metal Shop. Thanks for the time that takes in programming and doing good selection of music for us.

  • Hey Rich, what’s up bro just here in Korea Rockin out to Metal Shop. I got all my friends listening to your station. Keep rockin it…

  • what a find! def my fav broadcaster. Not just on live365, but any station, anywhere. period. Maybe I’m just stuck in the eighties.. thnx

  • I found this radio station is this morning and it is FUCKING AWESOME!!!! Thank you to whoever puts this stuff together!

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