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Iron Maiden brought ‘The Book of Souls Tour’ to Las Vegas, Nevada at Mandalay Bay Events Center on February 28, 2016, one of the nine U.S. stops on their current trek through North America.
Arriving in Vegas from Los Angeles, we immediately made our way to the airport to catch a glimpse of ‘Ed Force One’. After driving around the entire airport, we were finally able to spot the plane. We stopped the car, but left it running, climbed up a little hill and started taking photos before airport security came and kicked us out.
Iron Maiden Las Vegas 2-28-16
This is Iron Maiden’s third consecutive tour with lead singer Bruce Dickinson piloting Ed Force One, a 747 airplane that is used to carry the crew, band and production staff.
Next we made it to the venue and it was evident right away that it was going to be a madhouse to get inside. About 5,000 people were standing in five different lines waiting to get in and it was only 5 p.m… doors didn’t open until 7pm.
Since this is not my first concert, my experience told me the best place to hang out and wait for the doors to open was to be upfront. When the doors finally opened, we were able to enter soon after the first large group of fans and then once inside, managed to find a perfect spot right in the middle about 10 to 15 feet away from the stage.
Iron Maiden Las Vegas 2-28-16
When the lights went down, it was on for Iron Maiden and they blasted through a set that included “Children Of The Damned” (performed for the first time on tour in seven years) and six tracks from the new album ‘The Book of Souls’.
Iron Maiden Las Vegas 2-28-16
Iron Maiden Las Vegas 2-28-16
The setlist also included ‘Powerslave’, ‘Fear of the Dark’, ‘Iron Maiden’ and the title track from ‘The Book of Souls’, during which Iron Maiden mascot ‘Eddie’ took to the stage and proceeded to get the fans fired up a little more.
Iron Maiden Las Vegas 2-28-16
During the show, Dickinson asked how many fans are from Las Vegas, and a nice cheer went up. When he asked how many fans are NOT from Las Vegas, the venue went nuts!
The production of the stage was set up to make it look like a Mayan Temple with pyramids and with the Pyrotechnics and amazing light show, it was a killer spectacle and a great time for all Maiden fans at the sold out show.
Here are a few additional photos and video of Iron Maiden performing ‘Wasted Years’… Enjoy. -Ralph
Iron Maiden Las Vegas 2-28-16
Iron Maiden Las Vegas 2-28-16
Iron Maiden Las Vegas 2-28-16




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