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After 15 years, the official radio stream ceased operation in 2019, but you can still listen to most of the kick ass 80’s metal and hard rock featured on METAL SHOP via Spotify. Click the link above, then click the big green play button to shuffle nearly 1,000 tracks from Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Dio, Metallica, Mötley Crüe, Ozzy, Ratt, Scorpions and more. We hope you agree that ‘We Rock!’


Pasadena Star-News: (Keifer) began experiencing vocal troubles while touring in support of the group’s third album, “Heartbreak Station.”
“The onset of the problems was pretty sudden, almost overnight,” Keifer said. “It was towards the end of the tour. We only had a few weeks left when I noticed that my voice just started breaking and cracking, more in the middle register of my voice, and I couldn’t control the notes.”
The doctor went on to tell him that most singers don’t sing again or don’t sound like they did before. He also said that there wasn’t a cure, but with extensive therapy, working with speech pathologists and vocal coaches, Keifer might be able to teach his vocal cords to respond normally again.
It took Keifer more than three years of working with coaches to get enough strength to sing again. When it was time to record a new album (“Still Climbing”) his vocals were pieced together in the studio.
There have been other obstacles over the years, including vocal strain. Keifer also has had six surgeries on his throat to fix “collateral damage,” including several hemorrhages. But Keifer says his vocal paresis also has a good side.
“One of the positive things that came out of this whole mess is that from the voice training I learned a lot of things and developed different areas of my voice,” he said. “The middle part of my voice in particular, it’s probably a little stronger than it used to be, although it’s still volatile from day to day. But on a good day I can do things that maybe I couldn’t do before this.”






Glam metal lives on! With the big hair and eyeliner to match! Last night at the OC Fair, Cinderella (rockin’ out for more than 25 years) and their original line-up graced the stage of Pacific Amphitheater on Friday, August 3, 2012. Tom Keifer (vocals, guitar), Eric Brittingham (bass), Jeff LaBar (guitar) and Fred Coury (drums).
Opening the show was Sebastian Bach with nothing less than a great performance! Playing “Slave To the Grind,” “I Remember You”, and “18 and Life”, 80’s hairband fans rocked out in classic headbanger fashion. One special fan got extra attention from Bach when he held up a piece of paper that read “thank you.” Bach took the paper from the fan’s hand and said, “No, thank you for taking the time and extra effort to make this sign!” Awe Sebastian, we can always count on you for sarcasm.
Classic Cinderella doing their glam metal blue rock thing with front man Tom Keifer’s vocals hasn’t changed a bit. Rockin’ their tight leather garb, I felt like I was back in the 80’s listening to the songs on MTV when I closed my eyes. Their set spanned through all four of their records, including their biggest hits. What’s a Cinderella concert without “Don’t Know What You Got (Till it’s Gone)” and my favorite “Nobody’s Fool.”
Cinderella displayed their musical talent with a creative instrumental line-up in addition to their classic pieces to include harmonica, and sax and piano. Tom Keifer showed off his skills on the sax, switched back to guitar and then opened a new track with a dramatic dark and spot-lighted solo intro on the piano. He then stood up, back to guitar and front stage lead in a seamless transition.
The stage was in full effect neon greens, purples and ultra bright fuchsia lighting up the stage and making the crowd scream. One shirtless fan got a little too pumped up and rushed the stage and Tom Keifer. He was soon tackled by two sumo wrestler lookin’ body guards who struggled to tackle him to the ground and dragged him off stage! Breathless with black sweaty rocker hair, they finished their set but then quickly came out for an encore with two last songs to please the crowd and close the night.
This glam rock show was nothing short of a flashback to the great days of teased bangs and tight jeans, and left the crowd on “Gypsy Road” and back to 2012 OC reality.







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