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80s_New_Metal_ReleasesMETAL SHOP Kicks Your Ass with 80’s Metal! Some of these bands though are still cranking out new music and a lot of it sounds awesome… they still got it.
Check out the YouTube playlist below to listen or watch the latest 80’s Metal/Hair Band new metal releases. All videos are in alphabetical order (sorted by Artist).
If you have a request or would like to see something added to our 80’s Metal Today playlist, Click Here to send an email. Be sure to include a link to the video.
Thanks for listening!


8 Responses to METAL SHOP 80’s New Metal Releases

  • Got It! Iron Maiden (Cross Eyed Mary). Told you I had a brain fart!

  • The Judas Priest song you played earlier was that The Wind Cry’s Mary. I forget. I got a brain fart. I do remember seeing the word Mary on the list. It was awesome I never heard that before and can’t seem to find it. Please inform? Love your station, glad I found you!

    • That was actually Iron Maiden’s cover of Jethro Tull’s ‘Cross-Eyed Mary’ that you heard. It was released as the B side of ‘The Trooper’ single in 1983. Thanks for listening!

  • Our band is about to release 8 song EP mixed by Michael Wagener. I was wondering if you would like to ck it out. The EP has a huge 80s metal vibe to it. The band is the Apocalyptic Lovers & the EP is Redemption Vol 1. We are on FB, Twitter n our own web page as well. Think Dokken meets Ratt?

  • Great show and playlists.
    How was online trying to look up lost episodes of MmmmmmMETAL SHOP and discover the show. Glad I did. Keep it going and Thanks

  • Greetings from N.J. !! Armored Saint ,W.A.S.P. , and Metallica was my very first concert and been an 80’s Metalhead ever since !! Great job keeping these bands heard today with they’re new music!! Kepp banging out the great tunes METAL!!

  • Hello and massive greetings from Germany.

    Every song you play at MetalShop is a killer and brings many memories at my school time back .

    Thanks for this and keep on rockin ‘

  • This is Awesome music, takes you back to the good old days. Today’s music doesn’t not compare to the good old 80’s metal.

    Rock on!!!

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