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METAL SHOP Rocks was once again invited to the taping of ‘That Metal Show’ Season 10, premiering on VH1 classic, March 31st with special guests Lars Ulrich (Metallica), Robb Flynn (Machine Head) and Mike Portnoy (Adrenaline Mob, Dream Theater). For this taping though, METAL SHOP witnessed guitar great from Iron Maiden, Adrian Smith on set for an hour session with Eddie, Jim and Don. For the second hour we had Lemmy (Motorhead) along with 2 members of Warrant, Jerry Dixon and singer Robert Mason. Jason Newsted (Ex-Metallica) was a scheduled guest as well but had to cancel at the last minute due to a family issue. Special guest guitarist was none other than UFO legend Michael Schenker.
Adrian Smith and the guys from That Metal Show discussed many topics regarding Iron Maiden and Adrian’s Side project Primal Rock Rebellion. When asked if he would tour with his new band, Smith said ‘no’… he does enough touring with Maiden. As for Iron Maiden, Smith said after this U.S. tour, they might hit the studio to do a new album. Make sure you check out the hour long interview, scheduled for April 21st on VH1 Classic.
Lemmy was the second guest of the show and The Metal Show hosts made him feel right at home with a nice Jack and Coke… “CHEERS FUCKERS” Lemmy talked about Gigantour and how he lost his voice for a few days, but we are glad to report he is doing great and looking forward to Mayhem Fest this summer. Jerry and Robert from Warrant talked a few minutes with the guys about the passing of Jani Lane and what Warrant is up too these days. Air date for this episode will be April 28th.
I want to give out a special THANK YOU to all the staff at VH1, especially Jay, Rafe, Mike, DJ Will, and everyone who work hard at the tapings for us metal heads to enjoy!!! Thanks for keeping Metal Alive! YOU ROCK! Here are a few photos of the show. Enjoy -Ralph Cartel



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