Sepultura Kicked off their North American tour on April 10, 2012 at the Yost Theater in Santa Ana, California with special guests Death Angel, Havok, Krisiun and Lords of Ruin.  Upon arriving, METAL SHOP Rocks caught kick ass sets by Havok from Denver, followed by Krisiun, a death metal band out of Brazil.
With about 1,100 crazed metal heads in attendance, Death Angel then took the stage and they were firing on all cylinders as all bandmember’s where on point on every song… it was a solid show!!!
Now it was time for Sepultura!  Having seen the original member’s back in the 80’s and early 90’s with Brothers Max and Igor Cavalera, seeing them in 2012 was very strange because the older songs were performed without the twin guitars! Don’t get me wrong, Andreas Kisser is a great guitar player and can handle his own, but without a second guitar, the music sounded like it was missing that extra crunch.
Sepultura played a 20-song set and the mosh pits were insane the whole time!!! It was cool to see a few Brazil Soccer shirts in the crowd that even Kisser noticed and pointed it out. In all, it was a great time, but Death Angel stole the show… shhh!!! – don’t tell anyone I said that 🙂
Thanks go out to Art at the Yost Theater and the Sepultura tour manager for making this happen for us because it almost didn’t happen. Here are a few photos and videos from the show… Enjoy. -Ralph


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