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King Diamond and special guest Exodus played The Wiltern Theater in Los Angeles, California on November 5th and 6th, 2015. METAL SHOP Rocks attended the second show.
King Diamond Los Angeles 11/6/15
Exodus hit the stage right on time and kicked ass with a short set that included ‘Exodus,’ ‘Blacklist,’ ‘Impaler’ and ‘Toxic Waltz.’
King Diamond has to be one of the best, most underrated singers in all of metal music. He can belt out the high notes like no other singer I have witnessed live. Having seen him this past summer at Mayhem Fest, I knew he would have great production and deliver another memorable show.
King Diamond opened with ‘Welcome Home King’ and he made his way onstage while pushing a wheel chair with a very old looking woman. He sings about a grandmother in this song, but not a sweet grandmother and as the song went on, she eventually got up and walked off stage as King Diamond would act like he wanted to hit her in the head with his bone cross microphone.
King Diamond Los Angeles 11/6/15
As the show continued, King Diamond blasted through a set that included two Mercyful Fate songs and the entire ‘Abigail’ album.
King Diamond Los Angeles 11/6/15
King Diamond Los Angeles 11/6/15
Make sure you get your tickets for the remaining dates of this tour. Special thanks to Adrenaline PR for making this happen for METAL SHOP Rocks. Here are a few more photos of the show and video of Exodus performing ‘Toxic Waltz.’ -Ralph
King Diamond Los Angeles 11/6/15
King Diamond Los Angeles 11/6/15



Thrash metal legends Testament and Exodus have teamed up in 2015 for the “Dark Roots of Thrash Tour” that began April 1st in San Francisco. The second stop was a sold out show the following night at The House of Blues in Hollywood, California.
Testament Exodus 4-2-15
To my surprise, Exodus hit the stage right at 8pm. It’s so rare for a band to start on time, but Exodus did exactly that and of course, I wasn’t settled in yet and arrived to them Kicking ass on ‘Blood In, Blood Out.’ Their set included ‘Salt the Wound,’ ‘Bonded By Blood,’ ‘A Lesson In Violence’ and the classic ‘Toxic Waltz.’ I have seen Exodus play live at least 5 times and every time they get better and better.
Headliner Testament took the stage next and blasted out two albums in their entirety back to back, ‘The Legacy’ and ‘New Order.’ Lead singer Chuck Billy was all over the stage, headbanging and playing his microphone stand as a guitar. Alex Skolnick, Eric Peterson, Gene Hoglan and three-string bass player, Steve DiGiorgio where having a great time headbanging and getting the crowd fired up for the song ‘Into The Pit,’ where it seemed like HOB went nuclear!
Catch the “Dark Roots of Thrash” on tour this Spring and get your tickets before it sells out in your town. Here are a few more cell phone pixs. Enjoy -Ralph
Testament Exodus 4-2-15 HOB Hollywood
Testament Exodus Tour 4-2-15
Testament Exodus 4-2-15 Hollywood
Testament Exodus Live 4-2-15

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