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KISS and Def Leppard kicked off their mammoth Summer tour in Salt Lake City June 23rd and are spending the early days touring the Western U.S.A.
KISS And Def Leppard Summer Tour
On Tuesday, July 8, 2014, they performed at the newly renovated Forum in Los Angeles, California. Both bands are always in rotation on the METAL SHOP playlist and this was the perfect show for us to attend.
Def Leppard hit the stage first and blasted through a set that included classics like ‘Photograph,’ ‘Foolin’ and ‘Hysteria.’ During ‘Hysteria,’ all the video screens flashed personal photos and videos of the band when they where very young and just starting out… it was a really cool moment.
KISS And Def Leppard Summer Tour
Joe Elliot, Vivian Campbell, Phil Collen, Rick Savage and one-armed bandit drummer Rick Allen looked and sounded amazing and I don’t see Leppard slowing down any time soon.
KISS And Def Leppard Summer Tour
KISS And Def Leppard Summer Tour
If you have been to a KISS concert, you know their stage entrance is a big production. Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer where on top of a platform that looked like some kind of giant robotic spider that slowly came down to the stage.
KISS And Def Leppard Summer Tour
Opening with ‘Psycho Circus,’ the KISS set included ‘War Machine,’ ‘Detroit Rock City,’ and ‘Love Gun’. During ‘Love Gun’, Paul Stanley flew on a zip line to the middle of the arena to sing on a round platform spinning in circles.
KISS And Def Leppard Summer Tour
This being a KISS show, you knew they would have pyro and a great stage show that featured Gene simmons spitting fire and blood!
KISS And Def Leppard Summer Tour
If you are a fan of one or both bands, I highly recommend this concert you will have a great time! -Ralph


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